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With the vast amounts of millwork companies providing different types of millwork and woodwork services, it is easy to get confused on which millwork installation company is the right fit for you.

In this guide, I will help you dissect your exact needs and goals that you are aspiring to create in terms of millwork and guide you in choosing the best millwork installation company near you, whether that is in New York or in Paris.

Why Hire A Millwork Company and Why Put So Much Emphasis

Now you might be wondering why there is a need to put emphasis on which millwork installation company to choose; well that question is rather easy to answer. The perfect millwork done for your business building or your residential home can make or break its appeal.

The company you choose will either blow your mind and provide you a stunning millwork installation or, it will create mundane pieces of work that you see in generic buildings that have no sort of uniqueness or appeal.

In short, the right architectural millwork company will help you recreate your characteristics, personalities and vision into reality. It will help you create unique and eye-catching design that differs from the mediocre or undistinguished.

It will give you unrivaled creativity and attention to detail that other millwork companies might not be able to provide. Making the mistake of arbitrarily choosing a millwork company can get you stuck with a service that will rush your ideas and projects, when it actually needs significant time and attention.


Custom millwork service companies will also actually know what type of millwork will fit your personal building goals. Are you trying to create luxury/comfort in your building? (for e.g. Lobbies, Seminar-centers, Symposiums…) or are you going for efficient and adequate [office centers, headquarters of buildings….)

These are all things that a perfect millwork company will consider before starting or even conceptualizing their millwork project.

Now that you are convinced that choosing a millwork installation company in your area is vital for the success of your building, let’s get to the process of how to actually choose a millwork company.

Choosing The Perfect Millwork Installation Company Near You

Choosing the right millwork company involves three major steps that you can’t skip. In order to choose the perfect service, follow these steps closely:

1) Do Research Online

Conduct a general online research on millwork installation companies near your area or where the building is. An easy way to research is to go on to google and search “Millwork Services Near Me”, “Millwork Services in New York City”, “Architectural Millwork Installation Services in Manhattan”…

Go on to each of the millwork companies’ websites and check it out. Pay close attention to their portfolio/previous projects page. Most companies put pictures of their previous projects on this page. Check out their designs and their millwork and see if you like them or not.

It is also important to see the type of millwork service they provide: is it mostly residential or commercial millwork? If you are looking for a commercial millwork service, then you probably don’t want to hire a millwork company that focuses mostly on residential services and vice-versa.

You can find all of this information on “projects” page of most millwork companies.

Accumulate 5-10 companies that you think will provide you the best millwork service and search for their names on Google.

For e.g, if you saw American Wood Installers and liked our previous projects and services, go back to Google and search for “American Wood Installers” and see if we have good or bad reviews on Google. It is important that a company doesn’t have a negative star-rating on Google.

It is ok if a company doesn’t have any sort of reviews, and it is best if a company has a good 4 – 5 star reviews.

Filter through the millwork companies that you chose in the above steps and you should have about 2-5 millwork companies that you should be confident will provide the perfect service. Choosing any of those companies will provide you with good services.

But if you want to choose the perfect company, then read on:

2) Ask for referrals from business partners or friends and acquaintances!!

If you know a particular commercial building or residential house that has exceptional millwork, then it is important that you ask the building manager which millwork installation company they contracted for their building.

The millwork industry hasn’t yet caught up to the digital world and as a result, some excellent millwork companies might not have websites or be available online.

3) List all the millwork installation companies that you have accumulated in the previous steps.

At this point, you should have 3-6 millwork companies that you are looking forward to contracting. In order to sift through these companies, it is important to find your best fit by calling/emailing each one and asking important questions relating to your buildings goals.

If you are a major company, then it is important that you hire a company that has experience in providing huge millwork projects and services.

For e.g, here at American Wood Installers, we have done millwork projects for buildings owned by huge companies such as Victoria Secrets or Facebook. So if you are a major company looking for millwork services, we would be the perfect fit for you.

Price is important but it isn’t everything. Always opt to choose the highest quality within your budget rather than going for the lower priced one to save a few bucks. It is important you realize this is a significant investment for your business or home.

You want it done perfectly the first time around; you don’t want to hire a company that is cheap and expect amazing results and be disappointed. Most companies will work within your budget too.

At this point, it is your call on choosing the best fit out of the millwork companies you have selected.

All of the millwork companies that have passed through your steps and tests will most certainly provide you with the best millwork service, whether that is:

  • Custom Cabinets
  • Bathroom remodeling and contracting
  • Spiral staircase construction
  • Custom office furnitures…

The qualities you should always look for in millwork companies are craftsmanship, proven portfolio, experience, close client-contractor relationship, price and quality of material. If you follow all the steps in this guide, you will have chosen the perfect millwork contractor with all the best qualities.

If you want to hire us for architectural millwork in New York and the Tri-State area, contact us with your goals for your project.

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